I think that just about every other site I build or work on is a WordPress site. Not on WordPress.com, but an installation on someones own hosting.

I love WordPress. I have used a lot of different Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, but I have not met with one that is more polished and simple as WordPress. As long as your site doesn’t require a powerful shopping cart system built in, or a lot of user interaction where they are posting content, then WordPress is the perfect system for you.

I am not the only one that loves WordPress. WordPress is probably the most popular open source CMS available. There is an enormous community revolving around WordPress. Thousands of developers continually adding and updating WordPress plugins. Forums all over with people giving each other feedback on how to do various things in WordPress.

If you have spent any time looking for a WordPress theme, you will know there are more out there than I would try to count in a lifetime. You will also know there are a lot of what they call “Premium” themes. You may ask “If there are so many themes available, why should I hire you to build one for me?” Let me tell you what I can do for you.

If you are just wanting to do some personal blogging, and just want something that looks nice, then please just go get a free theme and use it. If you want WordPress installed on your own hosting so you have more flexibility than on WordPress.com or some other blogging service, it takes about five minutes to do, and many automatically install a bunch of themes for you.


If you have a business which needs a site, you don’t just want a site that looks like you got your 15-year-old nephew to set it up for you. You need something that will gain trust from your potential customers. Now your options are to get your nephew (or yourself) to hunt down a theme with the right look and feel, install it and configure it and add content the best you can to make it look like how you want it to look. But the chances are you will have spent hours and hours doing it, and unless you know some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and how to manipulate images, your site will still look like a Do-it-yourself site where people will stop and wonder if you’re legit or not when they visit.


You can give me a call. There are many things I can do, but assuming you just want me to design and build your site this is what I would do.

  1. Design a mockup – I would talk with you, learn about your business and customers. Then design a mockup in professional design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. I would send you the mockup as a jpeg, which you can look over and give feedback. We’ll do that a few times till it looks how you need the site to look. We would also do that for any pages within the site that will have a different look.
  2. Build the theme – Next I take the mockup(s), export parts of it as images to use in your theme. I code the theme. I add all the features you need. I add special content types such as products, portfolio items, menus, drop-downs, etc.
  3. Build the site – I install WordPress and the theme I built and add the content you need. I add all the forms and special formatted tables and columns and graphics you need and make sure it looks how you want. Making tweaks to the theme as needed, as well as getting into the code of the individual pages to add formatting not possible through the WordPress wysiwyg editor.

In the end you didn’t need to spend all the time fighting with a “Premium” theme to get it to do and look like what you need, and you didn’t settle for a site that really isn’t going to do anything for your business.

Once in a while I’ll use a prebuilt theme if it has features my client wants, and would take me some time to re-develop. I’m always flexible and ready do whatever you need to get your site where you need it for the price you need it done in.

Contact me for a bid.

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