As a freelance web designer/developer I generally have multiple projects going on at the same time. I do this for a few reasons.

First. Most of my projects will be completed at some time. I don’t want to be caught with no work because I told everyone I already have something I’m working on, which then came to an end. One nice think about working with a freelancer is you don’t have to worry about hiring a designer/programer for a one time, or low hours,  job.

Second. There is often breaks in my projects where I’m waiting for files or responses to emails. I like to use that time keeping other projects going.

Third. A lot of web work doesn’t take much time. I often have clients that need little tweaks, or need assistance with their sites. I like to be available for those. I don’t want anyone to feel like once I have launched their site, I’m gone. One thing I have learned is good websites change regularly. No matter how flexible I make things there is always something different that need to be done. Other things that don’t generally take long and that I want to make sure I’m available for is major website problems, like the site not loading at all.

The shortcoming of having multiple projects going on, and always trying to be available for everyones needs, is once in a while I get a few things that need to get done immediately. I can’t always guarantee immediate turn around on major undertakings, because I have other clients I can’t completely set aside for a week. (And, like I said major site problems usually don’t fall under the major undertakings to fix.)

One thing you as a client can do is plan ahead and talk to me about big projects coming up so I can schedule them in. That way I know what to plan on when scheduling with my other clients. If your not sure how long something will take, shoot me an email and I’ll let you know, free of charge.

Thank you for understanding while I work on keeping everyones needs on the production line.

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