This was a quick custom site. Originally it was a rush job, and I have since made design teaks to make it more inviting. www.mentoringatascend.org

Another WordPress site. I really enjoyed working with Dan and Lynette building their site. I also setup an easy way to add before & after shots so the site can stay up-to-date. Dan was glad to see that he could get in and update all the content in the site any time he wants.

This is a fairly simple blog. Those are always fun to do. They don’t need to look like a corporate website so I can have a little more fun on the design. I built this on WordPress. The owner loves it and she can easily post her content without having a lot of technical knowledge. homemadelearning.com

I have worked on several projects for the President of Monticello College. I used Drupal for this site. I have set up a shopping cart system on the site to take application fee payments, online registration, and audio download purchases. I recently set up their events page that automatically updates to show the upcoming events, with links More »

This was my first realty site. They have been a great company to work for. I used Drupal for this site to more easily list property content types with specific fields such as price, MLS, location and tons of others. I also made content types for the header images, realtors, locations and offices. The rotating header images More »

This was one of my first WordPress themes. It was a lot of fun to build. I have continued to work on her site making improvements here and there. She wanted a way to sell products on her site, but didn’t have enough volume to get beyond PayPal. I set up some page templates and custom fields More »

This was a fun site to build. I love orchestral music and going to concerts with my wife. It was a lot of fun working on this site. I built this site on Drupal. It has several content types to make adding concerts, news articles, photo galleries, personnel, and generic pages easy. The concert lists automatically update to More »

This is a custom WordPress theme. Mary Ann is a great lady. She has a lot of great ideas about education.

I have done quite a bit of work for the owner of The 90-day Marketer. Programming and design, including his logo. This was one of my latest design projects for him.

Yes… he’s my dad. He makes some great saddles. I love taking my kids into his shop, smelling all the leather, and seeing his latest project. One of these days I need to get some property so I can have a horse to put a saddle on. russfawson.com

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