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Senior PHP Developer

I have spent the last year working for a single company and I’ve loved the ability to focus on their needs. I have finished their projects and I’m looking for new employment as a Senior PHP Developer. See my resume here:

Trust & Ability

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in web development. As a web developer I have to make important decisions that will affect the reliability, performance, maintainability, and flexibility of a website. I have also been hired to update websites developed by others, which were clearly developed with the goal of getting More »

It’s summer and I have time again

It’s summer again.  It’s not always nice to be cooking in the heat, but I still think I like summer better than winter. But I guess I don’t have too much to complain about either way when I just sit in my office all day. However I am excited to head to the mountains for More »

What a Custom WordPress Theme Includes

I think that just about every other site I build or work on is a WordPress site. Not on, but an installation on someones own hosting. I love WordPress. I have used a lot of different Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, but I have not met with one that is more polished and simple More »

Limited time. Lots of work. New prices

I have a lot of working coming in, and I am having a little trouble keeping up. I also have a growing family, and who knows what inflation is at. So here are my new prices: Miscellaneous Work $60/hr Site Estimates I give a final price once I feel like I fully understand what you More »

Juggling Time

As a freelance web designer/developer I generally have multiple projects going on at the same time. I do this for a few reasons. First. Most of my projects will be completed at some time. I don’t want to be caught with no work because I told everyone I already have something I’m working on, which then came More »

“How much does it cost to put up a website?”

I get this question all the time when people find out I’m a professional web developer. I, of course, have to always answer with “It depends on what kind of site you want.” You can break down the costs of a site into four things: Domain name Hosting Design Functionality UPDATE: My prices have changed More »

Content Management Systems

In order to provide my clients with the best possible feature set and best price, I use open source content management systems (CMS) to build their sites on. Though I have used several different CMSs my preferred systems are and Drupal. I like these because of the ever growing communities they each have. Each has thousands of plugins and themes More »

My New Website

Well, it’s been a few years since I updated my website. Before it was basically only a portfolio, and a way to contact me. Hopefully now it can be a place for information on web technologies and support, and a way for me to build trust with potential clients. I have found that the biggest selling point for a More »

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